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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarket forcesˌmarket ˈforces noun [plural]  BBTPEthe way that the behaviour of buyers and sellers affects the levels of prices and wages, without any influence from the government
Examples from the Corpus
market forcesIn this area, market forces are likely to decide between the various competing standards before official bodies make up their minds.Furthermore, some of the changes seem to be decreasing market forces and reducing efficiency.And when, eventually, market forces do take effect they can correct too sharply.But it thinks that to rely solely on market forces is a messy way of reining in a big borrower.However, the present government's stance on market forces makes a return to interventionist regional planning unlikely.The level of rent to qualify for full Housing Benefit subsidy will be determined according to locally operating market forces.In its draft version the report declares that market forces alone will not ensure more efficient use of energy.