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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmixed economyˌmixed eˈconomy noun [countable]  PEan economic system in which some industries are owned by the government and some are owned by private companies
Examples from the Corpus
mixed economyThe programme's emphasis on a mixed economy also met little resistance.The managed mixed economy and a highly developed system of collective social provision were the means for achieving these values.Production decisions in the mixed economy are primarily demand-oriented, driven by the market mechanism.However, firms and households can be constrained by the state in the mixed economy.What he actually offered was a vigorous defence of the mixed economy with a passing assault on Treasury investment rules.All the same, the 1988 results give Socialist defenders of the mixed economy new ammunition to fire at would-be privatisers.In sum, the mixed economy is a middle way between the market and the command political economies.