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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonetarymon‧e‧ta‧ry /ˈmʌnətəri $ ˈmɑːnəteri/ adjective [only before noun]  PErelating to money, especially all the money in a particular country the government’s tight monetary policy objects of little monetary valuesee thesaurus at financial
Examples from the Corpus
monetaryWill we display more of the statesmanship, selflessness, and disregard for monetary advantage associated with public service and professional responsibility?Some economists question the effectiveness of monetary control as a means of regulating the economy.The first is that the constant component of monetary growth, g, does now exert an influence on real output.There's only one conclusion to make about this data on monetary growth.The IMF should not dictate how Mexico should run its monetary policies.The great decline in velocity from 1980 to 1986 may seem to support those who say that monetary policy had little influence.Keynesian and monetarist attitudes towards monetary policy Keynesians and monetarists give very different answers to these questions.Eventually, a contractionary monetary policy of this form must work.In addition to getting his own way, monetary profits and his cousin Silvia, he also cared about winning races.a plan to introduce monetary reformIn addition to the monetary settlement, Price Pfister will also help fund a lead education program for consumers.The country has a monetary system based on the value of gold.Let us consider economic and monetary union and a single currency.European monetary union