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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutflowout‧flow /ˈaʊtfləʊ $ -floʊ/ noun [countable]  1 PEBFwhen money, goods etc leave a bank, country etcoutflow of the outflow of capital from the developed countries2 POURthe flow of water or air from somethingoutflow of an outflow of gas escaping from the main duct the outflow valve
Examples from the Corpus
outflowoutflow pipesA fall in interest rates will lead to an outflow of short-term capital from the country.The problem with a high-tech start-up is that you have a net cash outflow.This cash outflow occurred in the first half of the year.chemical outflow into the bayIn the case of early outflows and late inflows, the fifteenth of the month may be the most appropriate date.Radiographs of the chest showed enlargement of the right heart with prominence of the pulmonary outflow tract.All the outflow is destined to enter the Niagara River and plunge over the Falls.Total inflows minus total outflows results in the predicted net cash gain or loss during the month.outflow ofA weak stock market led to large outflows of investment funds.