2 verb
peg2 past tense and past participle pegged, present participle pegging [transitive]
1PEBE to set prices, wages etc at a particular level, or set them in relation to something else
peg something at something
The dividend was pegged at 6.1p.
peg something to something
a currency pegged to the American dollar
2 to fasten something somewhere with a peg:
The tent flap was pegged open.
Outside, a woman was pegging sheets to a washing line.

peg somebody/something as something

phrasal verb
to believe or say that someone has a particular type of character, or that a situation has particular qualities:
I'd had him pegged as a troublemaker.

peg away

phrasal verb
to work hard and with determination
peg away at
She pegged away at her essay.

peg somebody/something ↔ back

phrasal verb
to stop someone from winning in a sport or from increasing the amount by which they are winning - used in news reports:
They were pegged back by an equaliser from Jameson.

peg out

phrasal verb
1 British English informalMX to die, or to fall down because you are tired

peg something ↔ out

British EnglishDH to fasten wet clothes to a washing line to dry

peg something ↔ out

DLO to mark a piece of ground with wooden sticks

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