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pegpeg2 verb (pegged, pegging) [transitive]  1 PEBEto set prices, wages etc at a particular level, or set them in relation to something elsepeg something at something The dividend was pegged at 6.1p.peg something to something a currency pegged to the American dollar2 JOIN something TOGETHERto fasten something somewhere with a peg The tent flap was pegged open. Outside, a woman was pegging sheets to a washing line. peg somebody/something as something peg away peg somebody/something ↔ back peg out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pegBut Wasps pegged away and when Ashurst was careless with his feet, Pilgrim kicked the penalty goal.Government measures to peg back inflation have deepened the recession.Although the formwork was quite heavy, we pegged it down at the four corners as a precaution.They resembled washing lines, although instead of clothes, several dozen peculiar wooden and metal contraptions were pegged out.The bonus was pegged to a simple productivity scale everyone could understand.But the resistance is pegged to stimulate toning and endurance, not strength, Kraemer said.peg something to somethingIn the last century, most countries pegged their currencies to gold.