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slumpslump2 ●○○ noun [countable usually singular]  1 LESSa sudden decrease in prices, sales, profits etcslump in a slump in car sales2 PEa period when there is a reduction in business and many people lose their jobs opp boom The war was followed by an economic slump. a worldwide slump3 especially American EnglishDS a period when a player or team does not play wellin a slump The Dodgers have been in a slump for the last three weeks.
Examples from the Corpus
slumpThe survey also found that the likeliest effect of downsizing is a slump in morale, which can reduce productivity and profits.Smith is in the deepest batting slump of his eight-year career.The economic slump has dried up the big-ticket multi-billion yen projects that the majors used to thrive on.The economic slump was nowhere to be seen, but hairline recession was another thing.During the long housing slump, several high-profile crime stories gave skittish buyers one more reason to avoid the Inner Mission.One of their major concerns was the slump in wool prices.The slump in the property market is making it difficult for people to sell their homes.The slump in Intel dragged down other tech stocks.The slump in profits has limited the scope for corporation tax offsets but economic recovery should help ease the problem.The post-war slump sent the unemployment figures to twice the expected level.slump ina slump in exportsin a slumpSuch an assumption is a plausible one: in booms unemployment is low and in slumps it is high.Exactly the opposite would apply in a slump year.The Dow is reaching new highs, but small-company stocks are in a slump.Some would say that that is because of the recession, but we are in a slump rather than a recession.An economy in a slump or depression is generally characterised by high demand-deficient unemployment of both labour and capital.They will be the first to go in a slump.So again we would predict that the measured apc would be higher in a slump year than in a boom year.Woods does not believe he is in a slump.