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squeezesqueeze2 noun [countable]  1 a (tight) squeeze2 squeeze.jpg PRESSan act of pressing something firmly with your fingers or hand Marty gave her hand a little squeeze.3 squeeze of lemon/lime etc4 PEa situation in which wages, prices, borrowing money etc are strictly controlled or reducedsqueeze on cuts due to the squeeze on public sector spending a credit squeeze All manufacturers are feeling the squeeze (=noticing the effects of a difficult financial situation).5 put the squeeze on somebody6 somebody’s (main) squeeze
Examples from the Corpus
squeezeSqueeze the legs together 30 times, holding each squeeze for 1 second.She reached out a hand, gave mine a squeeze.Despite squeezes on capital expenditure in this sector, total sales did increase slightly to £9.3m from £8.3m in 1991.But the study also offers a sobering reminder about the financial squeeze on families at the bottom.Small businesses are beginning to feel the financial squeeze.Then put on your rubber gloves and give the meat a good squeeze with both hands.A lovely white hand, spangled and professionally looked after, gripped Lois's arm for an intimate squeeze.gave ... squeezeBetsy's face crumpled a bit, and Jimmy put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze.His hand came out and took hold of her ankle, gave it a squeeze and a shake.She reached out a hand, gave mine a squeeze.She slipped her hand into his, and he gave it a squeeze before he released it.He gave her a squeeze and she was out of the door smiling.feeling the squeezeAll manufacturers are feeling the squeeze.Fears of mortgage defaults are adding pressure to an already depressed property market, while reports of industry feeling the squeeze proliferated.