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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsurplussur‧plus1 /ˈsɜːpləs $ ˈsɜːr-/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 TOO/TOO MUCHan amount of something that is more than what is needed or used syn excess Any surplus can be trimmed away.surplus of a surplus of crude oil2 PEPROFITthe amount of money that a country or company has left after it has paid for all the things it needs a huge budget surplus of over £16 billion trade surplus
Examples from the Corpus
surplusFor the first time in 20 years Congress was working with a budget surplus.a budget surplusThe budget surplus could be used to hire and train more border guards.The December surplus was the first monthly trade gain in 1995, the ministry said in a preliminary report.Government subsidies have resulted in huge grain surpluses.Our surplus on book publishing last year was $47 million.Plant closings, department mergers, and restricted budgets often provide an organization with a temporary surplus of cash and other resources.The Gulf States produce more oil than they need and sell the surplus to the rest of the world.The surplus will go towards replacing their club van that was used to transport boxers to events and beach training at Redcar.This surplus will cause a competitive bidding down of price by sellers eager to relieve themselves of their surplus.The existence of monopoly denies them that opportunity, and this is manifest in the inevitable reduction in total surplus.Today there is a worrisome surplus of 1 million empty apartments in the East, particularly in the cities.surplus ofThere is a slight surplus of oil worldwide.budget surplusA budget surplus of EC$12,300,000 was predicted on the current account.The result has been a burgeoning budget surplus.The government is running a large budget surplus and expects to carry on doing so.Interest rates can be cut and Bill Clinton's budget surplus spent.Bush spent the campaign pretending that this was an election about the budget surplus, or social security or the military.The budget surplus of A$8,107 million was the fourth consecutive surplus, and would be used to reduce overseas debt.