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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrusttrust1 /trʌst/ ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 belief [uncountable]TRUST a strong belief in the honesty, goodness etc of someone or something At first there was a lack of trust between them. an agreement made on the basis of mutual trust (=when people trust each other)put/place your trust in somebody/something You shouldn’t put your trust in a man like that. You betrayed your father’s trust (=did something bad even though he trusted you). breach of trust at breach1(3)2 organization [countable usually singular]BF an organization or group that has control over money that will be used to help someone else a charitable trust3 financial arrangement [countable, uncountable]BF an arrangement by which someone has legal control of your money or property, either until you are old enough to use it or to invest it for you The money your father left you will be held in trust until you are 21. trust fund, unit trust4 take something on trust5 position of trust6 companies [countable] especially American EnglishPE a group of companies that illegally work together to reduce competition and control prices anti-trust laws
Examples from the Corpus
trustThe money has been set aside in a trust.A trust receipt is a legal document that creates a lien on some specific item of inventory.The nurturing and support they received in labor gave them a deep sense of accomplishment and trust in them-selves.The Fund has been able to assist with new charitable trusts at Thirlestane and Newliston in Lothian.Wealth Protector, which combines a discretionary trust with a choice of investment plans.Establishing trust is the first thing a good teacher does with any student.The Mental Health Trust works to raise awareness of mental illness and help people suffering from mental problems.Despite her many misfortunes, her trust in God was never shaken.I first look for character, whether the individual can inspire trust.To be good leaders, managers must create a climate of mutual trust and respect.A new trust has been set up to promote the arts in inner city areas.It was an act of trust on their part, and it touched me.Their partnership is based on trust and cooperation.Where the trustee had alienated the trust property, the beneficiary could not follow it.She has betrayed the trust which we placed in her.After the scandal, the company lost the trust of many of its clients.People put their trust in their elected officials and expect them to do the best job they can.Life companies have until the end of 1991 to switch their unit trusts into the underlying shares without tax penalties.lack of trustTheir lack of confidence may lead to distrust of their own coping skills and a lack of trust in others.In that situation, a lack of trust in the tutors' role was inevitable.A lack of trust in the parents because of a worrying secret can undermine the child's sense of security at home.Mix this with personality quirks: Gossip, grudges, jealousies, mean-spirited behavior, lack of trust.This seems to indicate a certain lack of trust in fund managers, rather than a weakness in bibliometric methodology.Don't preach lack of trust at me.MacDonald's lack of trust in that slippery manoeuvre emerges from his conversation at the palace on Sunday morning.held in trustArticle 25 concerned assets held in trust.Fasit promises to do so for other assets, to be held in trusts set up by financial institutions.The property here was to be held in trust for his wife and her first son, Maximilian until he was 24.The estate had been held in trust by the second brother.Until then, the property is held in trust for them.These institutions represent the wide ownership of shares, held in trust for millions of people.The knowledge which was held in trust by the Sechem was available to all.Objetsd'art there were aplenty, but most of them were held in trust for some collection or gallery.