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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassignmentas‧sign‧ment /əˈsaɪnmənt/ ●●● S2 AWL noun  1 [countable, uncountable]JOB/TASK a piece of work that is given to someone as part of their jobon an assignment She’s gone to Italy on a special assignment.on assignment He was killed while on assignment abroad.2 [countable] a piece of work that a student is asked to do a history assignment3 [uncountable]JOB/TASK when people are given particular jobs to do4 [countable] something such as a place to sit, piece of equipment etc that you are given to use for a particular purpose an aeroplane seat assignment
Examples from the Corpus
assignmentShe stayed late to complete a class assignment.Of the work-inhibited students, is it possible that this attention deficit may be related to their difficulty in completing assignments?Half the workers were given different assignments.Bart's first assignment for the newspaper was to report on the French elections.a homework assignmentRobin spent many lunch hours poring over her math assignments.I eventually got a teaching assignment at Xibei.Some students will be highly cooperative and attentive, and will speak up readily regarding the assignment.This would suggest the assignment of one index to derivatives of the verb form and another to those of the noun form.In another surprise, the assignment dilemma troubling the Client Service Center largely disappeared.She landed in a literary publications class at the University of Baltimore, where the assignment was to produce a literary magazine.The assignments will include typing of varying difficulty from printed and manuscript copy.the assignment of choresHe was supposed to be the leader in this assignment, but how could a man lead going backwards?This is a really tough assignment, and I believe you're the only person who can handle it.'I figure this will either make or break us, ' Cheyne said of the 1-year assignment to get the camp up and running.on an assignmentI went in 1987, on assignment from National Geographic.It would, however, be totally wrong to assume that all apparitions are angels on assignment.Sean Connelly, on assignment from the Justice Department, where he handles appellate work in the criminal division.One morning she was working at home on an assignment for her class in theological reflection.The white inspector comes in with an announcement to make, and the Black policeman starts to leave on an assignment.Greenock has about 120 people out on assignment.An express prohibition on assignment does not in itself render the contract personal.But she must know that it isn't clever to be asked to leave a country while on assignment.