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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclassicistclas‧si‧cist /ˈklæsɪsɪst/ noun [countable]  SEsomeone who studies classics
Examples from the Corpus
classicistAt the same time I really believe that stirred bartenders on to create new classics in a classicist vein.Lefkowitz, a classicist and humanities professor at Wellesley College, puts paid to Afrocentric myth-making.The editor will continue to be anthropologist, art historian and classicist Francesco Pellizzi.In the first place, I am no classicist.The theatre was rebuilt in a heavily ornamental classicist style, complete with doric columns and decorative masks.Because such systems do not take into account the variation in individuals, they are generally only of interest to the classicist.To understand the classicists it helps to have some understanding of what they were reacting against.The classicist Lionel Casson says that although life without lawyers may seem inconceivable, ..