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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontinuing educationconˌtinuing eduˈcation noun [uncountable]  SEtraining and education for adults that takes place outside the formal education system, usually in classes in the evenings syn adult education
Examples from the Corpus
continuing educationThe National Foundation of Funeral Service offers a continuing education program designed for active practitioners in the field.They also need to be conversant with the main developments taking place in further and continuing education.All of these are eligible for points under the Law society's compulsory continuing education scheme.Over 25 States have continuing education requirements that funeral directors must meet before a license can be renewed.But the development of continuing education must eventually have a backwash effect on initial professional education at the undergraduate stage.Another authority may publish total amounts for primary schools, secondary schools, continuing education.The law is continually changing, and solicitors are required to undertake continuing education as long as they practise.One of the problems with continuing education lies not in learning, but in unlearning.