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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorrespondence coursecorreˈspondence ˌcourse noun [countable]  SEa course of lessons in which the student works at home and sends completed work to their teacher by post I’m taking a correspondence course in business studies.
Examples from the Corpus
correspondence courseFor families outside the local area, a correspondence course available in 23 languages currently serves 2,500 families from around the world.Continuing a correspondence course is easy; finding another part-time degree may be less so.He is also charged with taking a correspondence course at the University of California at Berkeley.a correspondence course in ChineseThey both signed up for a five-dollar correspondence course in how to make ice cream.The official Singer correspondence course has now been operating for about nine months and has proved to be very popular.He returned to Carriacou and qualified as a solicitor through a London University correspondence course.