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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdyslexiadys‧lex‧i‧a /dɪsˈleksiə/ noun [uncountable]  SESLa condition that makes it difficult for someone to read and spelldyslexic adjective Two of the children in the class are dyslexic.dyslexic noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
dyslexiaAcquired dyslexia involves a loss of reading ability as a result of brain injury.The purpose: to present an award recognizing special achievement in the fight against a learning disability known as dyslexia.Two approaches have been taken to the interpretation of deep dyslexia in relation to models of normal reading.The Baltimore-based society defines dyslexia as a type of learning disability that revolves around difficulty in processing language.This is despite Wesley being severely physically handicapped, suspected of some deafness and suffering from dyslexia.While causes of dyslexia remain obscure, there is growing evidence that it is neurological in nature.Had some form of dyslexia or word-blindness.