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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishELTELT /ˌiː el ˈtiː/ noun [uncountable]  especially British EnglishSE (English Language Teaching) the teaching of the English language to people whose first language is not English
Examples from the Corpus
ELTWe can classify ELT video materials according to the role they give video in the classroom.This will inject fresh blood and competition for the established ELT publishers, who might just have grown a little too complacent.Appendix 1 gives a list of fifty-three titles of published and forthcoming ELT video materials.The success Headway has enjoyed in the classroom reflects the authors' long involvement in ELT at grass-roots level.This could include ELT and non-ELT material and will mostly consist of documentary programmes or extracts from current affairs programmes.The next threat on the horizon is the rise and rise of the high-quality local ELT publisher.