Language: Old English
Origin: feld


1 noun
field1 S1 W1 [countable]


TADN an area of land in the country, especially one where crops are grown or animals feed on grass:
a view of green fields and rolling hills
field of
a field of wheat
corn/rice/wheat etc field
working in the cotton fields


SE a subject that people study or an area of activity that they are involved in as part of their work
field of
her work in the field of human rights
Peter's an expert in his field.
He's the best-known American outside the field of (=not connected with) politics.


an area of ground where sports are played
on/off the field
The team have had a bad year, both on and off the field.
Fans cheered as the players took the field (=went onto the field).

practical work

BEC work or study that is done in the field is done in the real world rather than in a class or laboratory
in the field
His theories have not yet been tested in the field.
field trip, fieldwork


a) BBT all the people, companies, products etc that are competing against each other:
the field of candidates for the election
be ahead of/lead the field (=be doing better than the others)
Germany was leading the field with a figure of 53%.
b) DSH all the horses or runners in a race:
Prince led the field (=was ahead of the others) as they came around the final bend.

magnetic/gravitational/force field

SG the area in which a natural force is felt or has an effect:
the Earth's magnetic field

coal/oil/gas field

TPG a large area of land where coal, oil, or gas is found:
North Sea oil fields

the field (of battle)

PM the time or place where there is fighting in a war:
The new tank has yet to be tested in the field.

field of vision/view

the whole area that you are able to see without turning your head

snow/ice field

a large area of land covered with snow or ice

field of fire

PMW the area that you can hit when you shoot from a particular position

leave the field clear for somebody

to make it possible for someone to do something or to be successful at something, by not competing with them:
Josh left the company, leaving the field clear for me.


TD in a computer document, an amount of space made available for a particular type of information:
an empty field (=not yet written in)

➔ have a field day

at field day

➔ play the field

at play1 (29)

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