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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfurther educationˌfurther eduˈcation noun [uncountable] British English  SE (abbreviation FE) education for adults after leaving school, that is not at a universityhigher education
Examples from the Corpus
further educationMore than 80 percent. of those on youth training gain a qualification or a job, or enter a further education course.How can further education help in economic development? 2.Some one pointed out that there was no adult institute for further education in Northern Ireland.Thereafter, only a minority proceed to institutions of further education and but a small percentage enter university.Encourage Ongoing Learning All students should be prepared to pursue further education and training beyond high school.Surely, further education could not be so different?Out of seventy children in the village school only sixteen could go on to further education after the age of ten or eleven.The position of the two sexes has been the exact opposite in relation to further education, and to teacher training.