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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgradedgrad‧ed /ˈɡreɪdɪd/ AWL adjective  SEGROUP/PUT INTO GROUPSdesigned to suit different levels of learning graded coursebooks
Examples from the Corpus
gradedThe graded aggregate, in which a defined spread of particle sizes is represented, is considered ideal.The computer programmed graded distribution in which the detail is random.For individuals with phobic anxiety, these tasks include graded exposure to progressively more difficult avoided situations.graded highwaysThis epoch making climb, graded Mild Very Severe and still bold, was first climbed in 1892 by.Such a graded response according to exposure can strengthen inferences of causality.The six carefully graded stages take students from elementary to advanced level.Excellent language work Start Reading follows a carefully graded syllabus throughout.The merit of the Record of Achievement movement lay not in the graded test profile therefore, which proved impractical.graded textbooks