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grindgrind2 noun  1 [singular]WORK THAT somebody DOES something that is hard work and physically or mentally tiring I find the journey to work a real grind. workers emerging from their daily grind in the factory2 [countable] American English informalSESTUDY a student who never does anything except study syn swot British English3 [countable] a movement in skateboarding or rollerblading, which involves moving sideways along the edge of something, so that the bar connecting the wheels of the skateboard or rollerblade presses hard against the edge
Examples from the Corpus
grindWork feels like such a grind lately.The daily grind of meetings and tutorials went on.The Prime Minister is pictured taking a break from the hard grind of political life.The relentless grind of hard labour and ill-health had taken its toll on Booth.