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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimmersionim‧mer‧sion /ɪˈmɜːʃən, -ʒən $ ɪˈmɜːrʒən/ noun  1 PUT[uncountable] the action of immersing something in liquid, or the state of being immersedimmersion in his near-fatal immersion in the icy Atlantic Ocean2 ATTENTION[uncountable] the fact of being completely involved in something you are doingimmersion in my immersion in black music and culture3 SE[uncountable] technical the language teaching method in which people are put in situations where they have to use the new language4 [countable] British English informalDH an immersion heater
Examples from the Corpus
immersionAfter immersion in 40% glycerin solution at room temperature, they were placed on a copper stage and frozen with liquid nitrogen.Contrary to expectations, immersion in water results in very high prolonged uptake, without equilibrium after many years.Some lots were damaged or dulled by their long immersion, but this only seemed to stimulate buyers.Even more hopeful was the fact that, after five months' immersion, the bamboo had not lost its buoyancy.The Dear Deceit explores the consequences of our immersion in this type of fictional convention.Spanish immersion classesThe two men came back with their hands fish-white with immersion in what was, fortunately, warm, almost soupy water.immersion inFran discussed her total immersion in campus political activities.