Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: leçon, from Latin lectio 'act of reading', from legere; LEGEND


les‧son S2 W3 [countable]

learning a skill

a period of time in which someone is taught a particular skill, for example how to play a musical instrument or drive a car:
piano lessons
have/take lessons
She's started taking driving lessons.
lesson in/on
lessons in First Aid
lessons in road safety

in school

British English a period of time in which school students are taught a particular subject [= class American English]
Lessons start at 9 o'clock.
French/physics/art etc lesson
I've got a double maths lesson next.
lesson in/on
Andrew gives private lessons in Spanish.


something that provides experience or information that you can learn from and use
learn a lesson (=gain useful experience or information)
There were important lessons to be learned from these discoveries.
The government has failed to learn the lessons of history.
lesson to
The men's courage and faith is a lesson to us all.
Now let that be a lesson to you all (=be careful to avoid having the same bad experience again).
Her fate should be a salutary lesson (=one that teaches or warns you about something).


SE a part of a book that is used for learning a particular subject, especially in school:
Turn to lesson 25.


RRC a short piece that is read from the Bible during a religious ceremony

➔ somebody has learned their lesson

at learn (5)

➔ teach somebody a lesson

at teach (6)

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