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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmedia studiesˈmedia ˌstudies noun [uncountable]  SETCthe study of how newspapers, radio, television etc work and how they affect societyGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Media studies is followed by a singular verb: Media studies is a very popular subject.
Examples from the Corpus
media studiesLiterature has a long history of feminist interest, but film and media studies are certainly as central to feminist cultural debates.More people are walking the streets with degrees in film and media studies than ever before.Degrees such as media studies have enjoyed huge growth as universities have expanded the number of places to meet ambitious government targets.Plans exist to extend the list of short courses to business studies, geography, history, media studies and home economics.Courses in media studies at Britain's universities and art colleges have increased.Such an approach treads a thin line between the traditional pluralist and Marxist divide in media studies.The extra facilities allow the school to introduce media studies and make its own promotional videos.