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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplacementplace‧ment /ˈpleɪsmənt/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 SJOB/WORKthe act of finding a place for someone to live or work The centre provides a job placement service.placement of the placement of children in foster homes They lived on campus, but this was just a temporary placement.2 British EnglishSE a job, usually as part of a course of study, which gives you experience of a particular type of workon placement Students are sent out on placement for training. a forty-five day placement in a factory3 PLACEwhen something is placed somewhere or when you decide where something should goplacement of the placement of fire hydrants along the city’s streets
Examples from the Corpus
placementVolume three of the DoH guidance, on family placements, set outs how local authorities should plan and review.And so John was sent to his first placement, Boys' Ranch.The Salomon compensation game, like the job placement game for trainees, has a political wild card in it.job placement servicesMany courses require that some kind of placement project is undertaken by the student.City records show that jailers made three attempts to find other placements, and then the matter apparently was forgotten.Bankers dislike the idea of dribbling out the shares throughout the year or holding lots of small placements.Next year, they plan to expand the placement of their ads to more bars and restaurants in the Baltimore community.We particularly need to improve the placement of our publicity material in tourist centres, including the development of hotel packs.The placement of the buttons and knobs in the car is well thought out.job placementFor some students also specialising in Business Studies, there is the possibility of a job placement in commerce or industry.The Salomon compensation game, like the job placement game for trainees, has a political wild card in it.He presided over the job placement blackboard beside the trading floor.At least nine states now tie their funding for vocational education to job placement rates.They set up job placement programs and mentoring initiatives for young men and women.