Language: Old English
Origin: cwic 'alive'


1 adjective
quick1 S1 W2 comparative quicker, superlative quickest

short time

lasting for or taking only a short time:
That was quick! I thought you'd be another hour.
It's probably quicker by train.
Have we got time for a quick drink?
What's the quickest way to the station?
We stopped to have a quick look at the church.
Three bombs went off in quick succession (=quickly, one after the other).


moving or doing something fast:
She walked with short, quick steps.
They were great people to work with - very quick, very efficient.

no delay

happening very soon, without any delay [= speedy]:
I had to make a quick decision.
We've put the house on the market and we're hoping for a quick sale.
We need a quick response from the government.
Robertson's quick thinking had saved the little girl's life.


SE able to learn and understand things fast:
Jane's very witty and very quick.
He's a good interviewer, tough and quick on the uptake (=able to understand quickly what someone is saying).

be quick

used to tell someone to hurry:
If you want to come with me you'll have to be quick - I'm leaving in ten minutes.
'Can I just finish this first?' 'OK, but be quick about it.'

be quick to do something

to react quickly to what someone says or does:
The government was quick to deny any involvement in the attacks.

quick fix

informal a solution to a problem that can be done quickly, but is not a good or permanent solution:
There's no quick fix for stopping pollution.
Congress is trying to avoid quick-fix solutions.

have a quick temper

to get angry very easily

be quick on the draw

a) to be able to pull a gun out quickly in order to shoot
b) American English informal to be good at reacting quickly and intelligently to difficult questions or in difficult situations
quickness noun [uncountable]
quicklyWORD FOCUS: short WORD FOCUS: short
speech/piece of writing: brief, concise, condensed, abridged

person: not very tall, little, tiny, petite

time/event: brief, quick, momentary, fleeting, ephemeral, transient, passing, short-lived

legs/fingers: stumpy, stubby

clothes: skimpy

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