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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishretakere‧take1 /ˌriːˈteɪk/ verb (past tense retook /-ˈtʊk/, past participle retaken /-ˈteɪkən/) [transitive]  1 PMto get control of an area again in a war syn recapture an attempt to retake the city2 SEto take an examination again because you have previously failed it syn resit British English→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
retakeAt all costs the Bois had to be retaken.Government forces have retaken control of the city.Julie's had to retake her driving test at least three times.Johnnie sat away from the window retaking the center of the seat.Explosions and gunfire from the east side of the city suggested an attempt to retake the civilian centres was under way.He decided to retake the course and try to get a higher grade.She would have to retake the course in the summer.A student who fails any assignment will normally be required to retake the failed assignment.In two months we would return to retake the valley.Once again the Democratic party may have thrown away a historic opportunity to retake the White House.