Sense: 1-2, 4-5
Date: 1600-1700
Origin: REVIEW1
Sense: 3
Date: 1500-1600
Origin: view


2 verb
review2 W3 [transitive]
1 to examine, consider, and judge a situation or process carefully in order to see if changes are necessary [↪ evaluate, analyse]:
We will review your situation and decide how we can help you.
The decision will be reviewed by the Supreme Court.
The team manager's position will be reviewed at the end of the season.
2TCNA to write a short article describing and judging a new book, play, film etc:
Bradman will review the best of the new children's books.
3 American EnglishSE to look again at something you have studied, such as notes, reports etc [= revise British English]
4 to examine and describe the most important parts of a series of events or period of time:
a journalist who will review the events of the past six months
5PM to officially watch a group of soldiers, ships etc at a military show:
The President will review the soldiers on parade.

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