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reviewreview2 ●●● S3 W3 verb [transitive]  1 JUDGEto examine, consider, and judge a situation or process carefully in order to see if changes are necessaryevaluate, analyse We will review your situation and decide how we can help you. The decision will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. The team manager’s position will be reviewed at the end of the season.see thesaurus at examine2 TCNAto write a short article describing and judging a new book, play, film etc Bradman will review the best of the new children’s books.3 American EnglishSESTUDY to look again at something you have studied, such as notes, reports etc syn revise British English4 to examine and describe the most important parts of a series of events or period of time a journalist who will review the events of the past six months5 PMto officially watch a group of soldiers, ships etc at a military show The president will review the soldiers on parade.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
reviewWhen a large number of products are involved this considerable effort may not be worthwhile until all overhead allocations are routinely reviewed.Hayes used to review books for the local paper.As well as being an author, she reviews books for the Sunday papers.Patients were reviewed every week for the first month and every other week until food reintroductions were completed.We'll spend this week reviewing for the final.I'll just review my notes and go to bed.Doig's new book is reviewed on page 4.In a restrictive climate we all review our expenditure levels.The finance committee is reviewing the budget proposal.He reviewed the course that his administration had followed and intended to pursue in the future.One of its first actions on taking power in March was to set up a committee to review the project.It should also review the results achieved.Eliot wrote to him after he reviewed "The Use of Poetry."An employment interviewer reviews these forms and asks the applicant about the type of job sought and salary range desired.