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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscholasticscho‧las‧tic /skəˈlæstɪk/ adjective [only before noun] formal  1 SErelating to schools or teachingacademic scholastic skills2 RPrelating to scholasticism
Examples from the Corpus
scholasticMel received an award for outstanding scholastic achievement.Despite their restrictions on my wearing makeup and dating, my parents supported all my scholastic activities and hobbies.At various points it is also related to the scholastic distinction between knowledge and opinion.The publication of correspondence between famous people has been used for many years for the purposes of scholastic enquiry.Chris could come along with them, suitably subdued by the scholastic environment, Louise hoped, to be quiet for a while.I was beginning to understand scholastic folkways.My father was dead, and I had logged up too many years of scholastic indifference.It seemed fruitful to articulate, to probe and carefully render the overlay of my scholastic past and my working present.Working-class families, by contrast, are less likely to provide an environment that encourages scholastic skills.