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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscriptscript /skrɪpt/ ●●○ S3 noun 🔊 🔊 1 [countable]AM the written form of a speech, play, film etcscreenplay 🔊 They write all their own scripts. 🔊 a film script2 [countable, uncountable]SLA the set of letters that are used in writing a language 🔊 Arabic script3 [countable] British EnglishSEEXAM/TEST a piece of work that a student writes in an examination4 [singular, uncountable] formalWRITE writing done by hand syn handwriting 🔊 a diary entry written in neat black script
Examples from the Corpus
scriptJean-Jacques Annaud directs a script by Becky Johnston.Tom Hanks delivers Oscar-worthy work in Robert Zemeckis' latest; the editing and script, unfortunately, do not.The letter was written in beautiful 18th-century script.The initial script, she says, was good.He had noticed that I was having difficulty reading my scripts during rehearsal.Each sample of script collected begins with an optional header.He read the announcement from a prepared script.That was the thing that I found exciting about the script.Outside the script departments of a few studios, too many producers have taken lazy routes to their scripts.The script, full of rollicking combinations, was co-written by the master of sports comedies, Ron Shelton.