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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-taughtˌself-ˈtaught adjective  SEPERSONALLY/YOURSELFhaving learned a skill or subject by reading about it, practising it etc yourself, rather than in a school She received some education at night school, but was largely self-taught. a self-taught pianist
Examples from the Corpus
self-taughtOn the catering side, Wendy Vaughan is completely self-taught.A shy, self-effacing man, Williams was self-taught, and showed an independent and determined intellectual curiosity.Paper also figures importantly in the work of George Fitzpatrick, a self-taught artist from Cleveland, Ohio.Flo is a self-taught cook.A single father, whose 9-year-old son lives with him part time, Wait said he is a self-taught cook.Wait, 43, is a single father and self-taught cook.It is, in his words, completely self-taught on a non-verbal level.He was largely self-taught through wide reading and attendance at public lectures.