2 verb
study2 S3 W2 past tense and past participle studied, present participle studying, third person singular studies
1 [intransitive and transitive]SE to spend time reading, going to classes etc in order to learn about a subject:
I've been studying English for 6 years.
I can't study with that music playing all the time.
study at
Stephen is currently studying at Exeter University.
study to be a doctor/lawyer etc
My brother's studying to be an accountant.
study for an exam/diploma etc
I've only got three weeks left to study for my exams.
study law/business/history etc (=study a subject at a school or university)
Anna is studying French literature.
study under somebody (=be trained by a famous teacher)
a psychologist who studied under Jung in Zurich
2 [transitive] to watch and examine something carefully over a period of time, in order to find out more about it:
Goodall was studying the behavior of chimpanzees in the wild.
study how/why/when etc
They're studying how stress affects body chemistry.
3 [transitive] to spend a lot of time carefully examining or considering a plan, document, problem etc [= look at]:
I haven't had time to study the proposals yet.
study how/why/when etc
Managers are studying what needs to be done to improve efficiency.

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