teach‧er S1 W1 [countable]
SE someone whose job is to teach, especially in a school:
a primary school teacher
teacher training/education (=professional training to become a teacher)

teacher, professor, lecturer, tutor, instructor, coach, trainer
A teacher usually works in a school Do the children like their new teacher? A professor is a teacher of the highest rank in a British university, and is a general term for a teacher in an American college. Someone who teaches in a British university and who is not a professor is called a lecturer. A tutor gives lessons to just one student or a small group of students, especially privately in their home or a student's home a private tutor An instructor is someone who helps people learn a sport or practical skill, such as driving, skiing, or swimming a riding instructor A coach is someone who helps a person or a team to improve in a sport the school swimming coach A trainer is someone who teaches people the skills they need for a job a teacher trainer. It is also someone who teaches skills to animals a racehorse trainer

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