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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishteachingteach‧ing /ˈtiːtʃɪŋ/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [uncountable]  1 SETEACHthe work or profession of a teacher Mrs Ward had many years of experience in teaching. She’s thinking of going into teaching (=becoming a teacher).language/science etc teaching extra funding for English teaching in schoolsthe teaching professionteaching methods/materials etcteaching practice British English, student teaching American English (=a period of teaching done by someone who is training to be a teacher)2 BELIEVE (also teachings [plural]) the moral, religious, or political ideas of a particular person or group which are taught to other peopleteaching of the teachings of Gandhireligious/Christian/Buddhist etc teachingsCOLLOCATIONSNOUN + teachinglanguage/English/science etc teachingShe has considerable experience in language teaching.teaching + NOUNthe teaching profession (=teachers, or the career of teaching)Many of our undergraduates subsequently enter the teaching profession.the teaching staff (=the teachers at a school, college etc)She attended a girls' school where all the teaching staff were women.teaching methodsOur teaching methods are quite traditional.teaching materialsThis will help teachers to prepare their own teaching materials.a teaching aid (=a piece of equipment that a teacher uses in the classroom)The school is equipped with modern teaching aids, including interactive whiteboards.teaching practice British English, student teaching American English (=a period of teaching done by someone who is training to be a teacher)There were 90 hours of teaching practice, of which 20 were supervised.a teaching job/postI was soon to take up my first teaching post.a teaching careerShe began her teaching career at a school in inner London.a teaching establishment (=a school, college, or university)Every higher education teaching establishment is subject to rigorous scrutiny.verbsgo into teaching (=become a teacher)Some very talented and dedicated people go into teaching.
Examples from the Corpus
teachingThese will provide background information and teaching aids.The very phrase implies exclusion, segregation, a particular approach to learning and teaching.The School of Geography has a range of micro-computing facilities available for both teaching and research use.Andrea took some time off from teaching when her children were small.Until recently, graduate teaching was a very marginal activity.As well as his teaching, and a planned series of concerts in the autumn, Mozart was also working on a new opera.Ann's planning to go into teaching after she graduates from college.What made you go into teaching?He has expressed scepticism about the significance of linguistics for language teaching.He left teaching and took a job as a truck driver.the teachings of Confuciusstudent teachingAnd her student teaching was rewarding as well.I did my student teaching in a small town in Indiana.religious/Christian/Buddhist etc teachingsExamples are constitutions, revered leaders, widely respected media or books, and religious teachings.Opposition to contraception is often reinforced by religious teachings and the fear that contraceptives will encourage wives to be unfaithful.It is not surprising to find, therefore, that the womb has a key role in many religious teachings.In most religious teachings it is said that no lasting realization can be achieved without many years of practice.