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tutortutor2 verb [transitive]  SETEACHto teach someone as a tutor He was privately tutored.tutor somebody in something Young men were tutored in the art of handling horses.see thesaurus at teach→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tutorThis system can also work for older teenagers, but if you are over sixteen you are not entitled to free tutoring.All students received tutoring and academic and personal counseling.One child was being tutored at home, and they were all fine.Up until two years ago, he had been tutored at home.She wanted her own machine, fast, and a mechanic willing to tutor her.An authority on the subject had tutored them in the accent used at that time.I tutored three afternoons a week, and saw about five or six students a day.tutor somebody in somethingLydia tutors kids in French during the summer.