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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalternatoral‧ter‧na‧tor /ˈɔːltəneɪtə $ ˈɒːltərneɪtər, ˈæl-/ noun [countable]  TEEan object that produces an alternating current, especially in a car
Examples from the Corpus
alternatorPolice say Avanesian got odd jobs, working to rebuild generators and alternators for auto-electrical shops in the area.He mentioned that a special piece of equipment was a split-charge alternator of 133/65 amp output.Evidence of electrical power on main and stand-by systems has to be determined and generator or alternator functioning assessments must be made.The incident happened south of Northallerton and involved the locomotive's alternator.He had thus discovered that alternators can run in parallel when synchronous.A good ground is easy to find; hoisting lugs on the engine or the alternator mounting brackets make good grounds.The alternator, which should have been recharging it during the flight, for some reason wasn't.There are two alternators, too, to keep everything charged up.