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coilcoil2 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 CFa continuous series of circular rings into which something such as wire or rope has been wound or twistedcoil of πŸ”Š a coil of rope2 one ring of wire, rope etc in a continuous series3 TEEa wire or a metal tube in a continuous circular shape that produces light or heat when electricity is passed through it πŸ”Š the coil in a light bulb4 TTCthe part of a car engine that sends electricity to the spark plugs5 SYa contraceptive that is a flat curved piece of metal or plastic that is fitted inside a woman’s uterus syn IUD
Examples from the Corpus
coilβ€’ I pinned the braids in a coil on top of the waved cap of hair.β€’ Condenser coils are the tubes under or behind the refrigerator that carry coolant to the refrigeration unit.β€’ There should be frost all over the freezer coil.β€’ The snake wrapped its coils around her.β€’ Massive coils atop the building hissed and cracked through the day, but the doors never opened.β€’ Twist the wire round the foot so that it sits tightly, forming a protective coil around the tubular feet.β€’ It is linked to the magnetic field of the transmitted wave - not the turns of the coil.β€’ Ever use one of those coils around Halloween time?coil ofβ€’ The embassy building is surrounded by high walls topped with coils of barbed wire.