con‧nec‧tion S3 W2


[countable] the way in which two facts, ideas, events etc are related to each other, and one is affected or caused by the other [= link]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
have a connection (with/to something) establish a connection (between two things) (=prove or discover a link) make a connection (between two things) (=realize there is a link) there is a connection (between two things) see a connection (=realize there is a connection) close/direct connection causal connection (=when one thing causes the other) tenuous/loose connection (=one that is not at all close)
connection between
the causal connection between smoking and cancer
There is a connection between pollution and the death of trees.
connection with
Mr O'Hara had no known connection with terrorist activity.
connection to
Williams apparently has no connection to the case.
Police have so far failed to establish a connection between the two murders.
The evidence was there in the file but no one made the connection.
Students often see little connection between school and the rest of their lives.
He demonstrated the close connection between social conditions and health.


[uncountable and countable] when two or more things are joined together or when something is joined to a larger system or network:
a digital telephone connection via satellite
They're offering free Internet connection.
connection to
The socket allows connection to a PC.
There's a £25 connection charge (=money you pay to be connected to a service such as telephones, electricity etc).

in connection with something

concerning or involving something
arrest/charge/question etc somebody in connection with a crime
Two men have been arrested in connection with the attack.
visits made to Spain in connection with her business
his work in connection with refugees

electrical wire

[countable]TEE a wire or piece of metal joining two parts of a machine or electrical system:
an electrical connection
There's a loose connection (=wires which are not joined correctly).

train/flight etc

[countable]TT a train, bus, or plane which is arranged to leave at a time which allows passengers from an earlier train, bus, or plane to use it to continue their journey
connection to
If this train gets delayed we'll miss our connection to Paris.

road/railway etc

[countable]TT a road, railway etc that joins two places and allows people to travel between them:
Cheshunt has good rail connections to London.



a) people who you know who can help you, especially because they are in positions of power:
connections in high places
We have good connections in the advertising industry.
b) people who are related to you, but not very closely:
He is English, but has Irish connections.
the network of family connections in Italy

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