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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcordlesscord‧less /ˈkɔːdləs $ ˈkɔːrd-/ adjective  cordless.jpg TEEa piece of equipment that is cordless is not connected to its power supply by wires a cordless phone a cordless drill
Examples from the Corpus
cordlessNormally priced at £19.95, we have 10 Free Curl cordless combination Brush and Tong stylers to give away!Cutting ability of the trimmer is better than would be expected of a cordless machine.If you're set on getting a cordless mouse Logitech's contender must be seriously considered.A cordless one offers a solution.I was in the shower when Aida brought me the cordless telephone.The cordless version uses the VersaPak rechargeable battery system.