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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdimmerdim‧mer /ˈdɪmə $ -ər/ (also dimmer switch) noun [countable]  DHTEEan electric light switch that can change the brightness of the light
Examples from the Corpus
dimmerRather than the room having a dimmer, you have a dimmer.The range includes single and double switches, and dimmers, which are easy to install by replacing existing wall switches.A simple way of upgrading switching is to fit dimmer switches, which alter the light level.Through the shimmer he saw the huge octopus eyes of the juggernaut grow dimmer.As the light grows dimmer, the monuments feel even larger, more crowded around us, a city of the dead.Controls include dimmers for the main light sources, designed to cast no shadows, nomatterwhere the surgeon stands.Then a whole bank of dimmers on the switchboard unaccountably fused.