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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelectrodee‧lec‧trode /ɪˈlektrəʊd $ -troʊd/ noun [countable]  TEEa small piece of metal or a wire that is used to send electricity through a system or through a person’s body The monkeys have electrodes implanted into the brain to measure their brain activity.
Examples from the Corpus
electrodeHowever, competing electrode surface reactions and surface film formation can disrupt the surface reaction and reproducible electrochemical transduction may be compromised.There is often little need to control the detector electrode composition with a redox reaction simply driven by an appropriate polarising voltage.In this circumstance, nasopharyngeal electrodes inserted through the nasal cavity may show the epileptic activity more clearly.Newer electrodes using transparent indium-tin oxide as conductor material have increased the electrode density from 36 to 64 per square millimeter.If it works well with polycrystalline electrodes, it could win the day.This is so hot that it melts both the steel and the electrode, which is continually eaten away.They test their models by sending signals back through the electrodes and observing changes in behavior.The electrodes were made from platinum-blacked platinum gauze to minimize electrode polarization at low frequencies.