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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfusedfused /fjuːzd/ adjective British English  TEEif a piece of electrical equipment is fused, it is fitted with a fuse
Examples from the Corpus
fusedIt is vital that throughout the installation all positive lines are fused.Once the necessary control has been acquired, the two beings are fused and reach sublime spiritual joy.The bed-posts are made of fused bones - hundreds of them - and the frame of fused ribs and skulls.The fused, bony plates that protect their soft parts make them well-nigh invulnerable.The Deutocerebrum represents the fused ganglia of the antennal Segment.They had two hearts but shared a fused liver and lower bowel.His neck can not move; it is fused rigid.Door bells and shavers etc require a separate fused supply through a transformer.