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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpre-setpre-set /ˌpriː ˈset◂/ adjective [usually before noun]  TEEdecided or set at an earlier time The heating automatically switches on and off at pre-set temperatures.
Examples from the Corpus
pre-setAs the backswing progresses, the shoulders turn around the spine angle which is pre-set at the address position.If the temperature continues to rise above a pre-set critical level the power source will be shut down completely.Many of the expert demonstration teams use wrist straps with pre-set line lengths.Perhaps they predicted her actions, a rat in a pre-set maze.No longer does he have to follow pre-set movements.Johnson Fry pays holders a pre-set quarterly income.Independent funds tend to be closed ended, and have a pre-set strategy and investment size and duration.Effectiveness, by contrast, is not about relative performance but about achieving pre-set targets or objectives.