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Topic: Electricity

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelectricitye‧lec‧tri‧ci‧ty /ɪˌlekˈtrɪsəti, ˌelɪk-/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [uncountable]  1 TEEthe power that is carried by wires, cables etc, and is used to provide light or heat, to make machines work etc The farm was very isolated, but it had electricity.2 EXCITEDa feeling of excitement There was electricity in the air between the two of them.COLLOCATIONSverbsgenerate/produce electricityWe need to find cleaner ways of generating electricity.provide/supply electricity (=produce electricity and make it available to people)The dam will provide water and electricity for 30 million people.use electricityThe system uses electricity to heat the water.be powered by electricityIn an emergency, the hospital can be powered by electricity from a generator.conduct electricity (=used of a substance – allow electricity to travel along or through it)Some metals conduct electricity better than others.cut off the electricity (=stop the supply of electricity)You risk having your electricity cut off if you fail to pay the bill.electricity + NOUNthe electricity supply (=electricity provided to homes and businesses)The storms have disrupted the electricity supply to some areas.electricity demand (=the amount of electricity that is needed)There has been a dramatic growth in electricity demand.electricity production (=the process of producing electricity, or the amount produced)California’s strict environmental policies make it difficult to increase electricity production.electricity consumption (=the amount of electricity that is used)Our target is to cut electricity consumption by 10%.an electricity bill (=a bill you have to pay for electricity you have used)I pay my electricity bill by direct debit.an electricity companySome electricity companies may be able to offer you an environmentally friendly option. the electricity industryHe works in the electricity industry.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + electricitymains electricity British English (=electricity supplied to a building from the national electricity supply)The cottage has no mains electricity.static electricity (=electricity that collects on a surface, for example on your clothes or a balloon)He touched the door handle, and felt a jolt of static electricity.
Examples from the Corpus
electricityPaying regular bills such as gas and electricity is much easier this way.Taxes were raised on vehicles and electricity prices increased.Much of the new demand will come from a doubling in the amount of gas consumed by electricity generators.The utilities couldn't deliver electricity at a fair price because the government forced them to sell at an unfairly low price.As in electricity, a positive charge glances away from a positive charge: like charges repel each other.Motorways, electricity generators, municipal dumps were all subject to kickbacks.A kind of electricity seemed to be gathering inside them.You could feel the electricity in the air.It's still not clear exactly what happened but somehow the electricity surged into the ground around the pole.