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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblackoutblack‧out /ˈblækaʊt/ noun [countable]  1 TPEa period of darkness caused by a failure of the electricity supply syn power cut2 TCNPa situation in which particular pieces of news or information are not allowed to be reported As the crisis worsened, the authorities imposed a news blackout.3 PMLIGHTa period during a war when all the lights in a town or city must be turned off4 MIif someone has a blackout, they suddenly become unconscious
Examples from the Corpus
blackoutThen they would be triggered and Bremen would suffer a massive communications blackout.Several neighborhoods in the San Francisco area experienced blackouts last night.Since the accident, Sharon has suffered from blackouts.The U.S. and Russia agreed to a news blackout for the remainder of the talks.With the Camp David news blackout still in force, there were again few details about the talks.I have been suffering blackouts ever since the War.The blizzard that brought Washington to a standstill extended the blackout for several more days.She had found a gap in the blackout material and had fixed her eye to it.It was now November, and coming home in the blackout caused me a little nervous anxiety at first.It ensured that the deaf received help and understanding in the blackout and during air-raids.Utility officials said the blackout was unrelated to small power failures in San Francisco neighborhoods Monday and Tuesday.news blackoutMediators have imposed a news blackout on the talks.During the talks, a news blackout eliminated contact with the press except for photo opportunities.With the Camp David news blackout still in force, there were again few details about the talks.In a bid for public notoriety, the bomber criticized the news blackout of his campaign.