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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdischargedis‧charge1 /dɪsˈtʃɑːdʒ $ -ɑːr-/ ●○○ verb  1 send somebody away [transitive]MHLEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION to officially allow someone to leave somewhere, especially the hospital or the army, navy etc, or to tell them that they must leave Hospitals now tend to discharge patients earlier than in the past. The judge discharged the jury.discharge somebody from something Several of the recruits were discharged from the Army due to medical problems.discharge yourself British English (=leave hospital before your treatment is complete)conditionally discharge somebody British English (=let someone leave prison if they obey particular rules) Dunning was conditionally discharged for two years.2 gas/liquid/smoke etc [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]SEND to send out gas, liquid, smoke etc, or to allow it to escapedischarge something into something Sewage is discharged directly into the sea.discharge into Rainwater collects here and then discharges into the river Kennett.3 shoot [transitive]PMWSHOOT formal to fire a gun or shoot an arrow etc A soldier accidentally discharged his weapon.4 duty/responsibility/debt etc [transitive] formalPGODO WELL to do or pay what you have a duty to do or paydischarge your duties/responsibilities/obligations etc The trustees failed to discharge their duties properly.5 electricity [intransitive, transitive]TEESEND if a piece of electrical equipment discharges, or if it is discharged, it sends out electricity 6 a wound [intransitive, transitive]MI if a wound or body part discharges a substance such as pus (=infected liquid), the substance slowly comes out of it7 goods/passengers [transitive]TT formal to take goods or passengers off a ship, plane etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dischargeThere is emotional charge here somewhere which will discharge.One of the four police officers injured in the explosion has been discharged from hospital.Florence W., aged four, was to be handed over to her father as soon as he was discharged from prison.He lost both his legs in an explosion and was discharged from the navy.When Danny was discharged in 1961, he went to Los Angeles, looking for work.She had forgotten the sidearm, which she had kept sand-free but not discharged in months.Neurons discharging in the cortical motor strip cause focal movements of the contralateral extremities.But on the whole he discharged it badly.Between them was a tommy gun, discharging itself into the air.Jefferson's gun accidentally discharged, killing him.The captain gave the order to discharge the cargo.Vicarious performance of a personal contract will not discharge the vendor nor bind the customer.The president called upon the soldiers to discharge their duty with honor.discharge yourselfBut the star, who also had a number of bruises, later discharged himself.I discharged myself and returned home, against everyone's advice.On October 16,1988, after expiry of the 72-period, the patient discharged herself and went home.He discharged himself from Hartlepool General Hospital yesterday and last night detectives were waiting to question him as part of their inquiries.He was granted bail and then discharged himself from hospital.He discharged himself from the hospital.Between them was a tommy gun, discharging itself into the air.He had discharged himself on May 30, borrowed some money from a friend and headed off to East Anglia.discharge intoThe pond discharges into Matadero Creek.discharge your duties/responsibilities/obligations etcWays in which the authority can discharge its responsibilities for standard setting for all aspects of care will also require attention.But trust in the authority is trust that the authority is likely to discharge its duties properly.