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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishintegrated circuitˌintegrated ˈcircuit noun [countable] technical  TPEa very small set of electronic connections printed on a single piece of semiconductor material instead of being made from separate parts
Examples from the Corpus
integrated circuitA closed loop is a self-contained unit that has no identifiable beginning or end, like a circle or an integrated circuit.An integrated circuit can be made up of a few capacitors, diodes, resistors and transistors or even thousands of them.The silicon microchip and integrated circuit followed similar if shorter processes from invention to commercial realization.It might also be worthwhile buying packs of d.i.l. integrated circuit holders, or bulk buying the smaller types.For example, the degree in Microelectronics requires emphasis on integrated circuit design, integrated circuit fabrication and systems applications.The simplest integrated circuit consists of three layers, one of which is made of semiconductor material.IC1 is a precision timer integrated circuit.