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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkilowattkil‧o‧watt /ˈkɪləwɒt $ -wɑːt/ noun [countable] (written abbreviation kW)  TPEa unit for measuring electrical power, equal to 1,000 watts
Examples from the Corpus
kilowattThe plant affected, a 500,000 kilowatt pressurized light water reactor, began operation in 1972.It takes about a kilowatt per person to maintain a technologically advanced civilization with a high standard of living.People who are behind with their electricity bills could find themselves restricted to a consumption of as little as one kilowatt.A coal-water facility has been assigned the $ 11 per kilowatt figure for a coal-oil mixture plant.This is a saving compared to the $ 116 per kilowatt figure for a new coal boiler.The coal-water mixture approach is assigned a $ 20 per kilowatt figure.For four additional options considered, boiler conversion costs are estimated at $ 47 per kilowatt.For example, 500,000 was used in generating the cost per kilowatt of coal-natural gas units.