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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverloado‧ver‧load /ˌəʊvəˈləʊd $ ˌoʊvərˈloʊd/ verb (past participle overloaded or overladen /-ˈleɪdn/) [transitive]  1 TOO/TOO MUCHCARRYto put too many things or people on or into something Be careful not to overload the washing machine.be/become overloaded with something The bus was overloaded with tourists and their luggage.2 TPETOO/TOO MUCHto put too much electricity through an electrical system or piece of equipment Don’t overload the lighting circuit.3 WORK HARDto give someone too much work or information to deal withbe/become overloaded with something All the staff are overloaded with work.overload /ˈəʊvələʊd $ ˈoʊvərloʊd/ noun [countable, uncountable] the modern day information overload an overload of urgent daily business→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
overloadWe can't take money from a school system that is already overloaded.Often children are inattentive during this stage because they get overloaded.Servers are especially vulnerable to service overloading.This is a medical emergency because the body's temperature regulating mechanism has been overloaded and has failed.Higher loading causes overloading and streaking.When she does get overloaded, naturally she wants immediate relief.They overloaded the computer system, and the whole thing just stopped.Don't overload the outlet by plugging in too many appliances.You shouldn't overload the washing machine.Projects should stretch people and make them work hard, but not overload them.If you overload your Windows system then Windows still tries to keep going.be/become overloaded with somethingAs the water becomes overloaded with nutrients, the algae spreads and oxygen levels fall.be/become overloaded with somethingAs the water becomes overloaded with nutrients, the algae spreads and oxygen levels fall.information overloadIndeed, the ease of making it accessible can create problems, in particular that of information overload.The reason is simple: information overload.We all suffer from information overload.Non-fiction publishing, to take a related case, is in general afflicted by similar problems of information overload and shrinking domestic markets.The provision of concentrated data about data tended to information overload, but there were valuable tips to be picked up.Nothing solves the problem of information overload faster than erasing the whole mess.In such an environment, information overload is a real danger.None of this is the ultimate solution to information overload, of course.