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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsparkspark1 /spɑːk $ spɑːrk/ ●○○ noun  1 fire [countable]BURN a very small piece of burning material produced by a fire or by hitting or rubbing two hard objects together sparks from the fire The scrape of metal on metal sent up a shower of sparks.2 electricity [countable]DNTPE a flash of light caused by electricity passing across a space electric sparks from a broken wire3 spark of interest/excitement/anger etc4 cause [countable]CAUSE a small action or event that causes something to happen, especially trouble or violence The judge’s verdict provided the spark for the riots. Interest rate cuts were the spark the market needed.5 intelligence/energy [uncountable]ENERGETIC a quality of intelligence or energy that makes someone successful or fun to be with She was tired, and lacked her usual spark. McKellen’s performance gives the play its spark of life (=quality of energy).6 sparks bright spark at bright(11)
Examples from the Corpus
sparkA spark created by loose wires was the cause of the explosion.Jim is a really nice guy, but there's just no spark.Torrents of sparks cascaded behind them into the harbor.A single spark could set the whole hillside on fire.Hennepin and La Salle, whose subsequent westward expedition he was to join, struck sparks off one another from the outset.Even so, the game does have that spark of playability.If that spark is to grow, wood must be added to make the flame grow bigger.Tax cuts could be the spark for the troubled economy.Such is the spark of creativity generated by the presence of a member of the executive committee demanding to be asked questions.Rather than perfection, Anderson seeks the spark usually delivered on the first two takes of a song.Turner provided the team the spark they needed in the second half.When the spark died, the economy declined, and so did the quality of art.shower of sparksMatthew had acquired a tank which trundled over the carpet emitting small but sharp percussive explosions accompanied by a shower of sparks.She slipped them rapidly into the hot mouth where they were instantly consumed in a shower of Sparks.A log in the fire broke and fell, sending out a shower of sparks.At that moment, with a shower of sparks as it hit the superstructure, the flare died.When he lifted his arm there was the greasy feel and faint shower of sparks that betokened a localised magical field.spark of lifeAbove all only the eyes retain any spark of life, and they are filled with the overwhelming emotion of anguish.In fact all matter had within it a divine spark of life.We give them the spark of life, without which no corporation could exist.Begun the hatred that swelled the tiny spark of life that had escaped from the meteorite and become the Worm?