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sparkspark2 ●○○ verb  1 [transitive] (also spark something ↔ off)CAUSE to be the cause of something, especially trouble or violence syn provoke The police response sparked outrage in the community. A discarded cigarette sparked a small brush fire.2 spark somebody’s interest/hope/curiosity etc3 [intransitive]TPEBURN to produce sparks of fire or electricity→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
sparkThat experience sparked a gathering of works by more than 200 artists exploring the human experience of death and loss.The shootings have sparked a national debate over gun control.But a visit to a local physician for a routine checkup sparked a new focus for her creative talents.USC was sparked by the aggressive play of Rich Jackson.Héloïse thought that perhaps it was Mr Farraline's interest in Sophie which had sparked it all off.The Confessor's death in January 1066 sparked off a crisis.The controversies surrounding severe mental handicap which began in the early 1980s sparked off a national debate which continues today.The chain of events I sparked off nearly led to my untimely demise.Faulty wiring could have sparked the explosion.It had been his lips - her lips for him - that had sparked the sudden flame.Catch their interest and spark their enthusiasm so that they begin to see the product's potential.