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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwattwatt /wɒt $ wɑːt/ ●○○ noun [countable] (written abbreviation W or w)  TMTPEa unit for measuring electrical power a 100–watt bulb
Examples from the Corpus
wattSimply get two 100 watt light bulbs and put them in a gooseneck lamp.The Brackley blooms are brought out early with a little help from 400 watt lamps sunning them from January onwards.Peavey Classic 50 watt 2x12, old valve model, £400.Most of the electric line trimmers are between 150 and 500 watts.I had entered the under 500 watts amateur class.This 600 watt machined removed three layers of old paint from a veneered cabinet in minutes.Marshall 80 watt Valvestate combo, never gigged, 6 months old, £270.The extreme ultraviolet power was only a few watts, but it was adequate to detect molecular hydrogen.watt bulbSimply get two 100 watt light bulbs and put them in a gooseneck lamp.If it is much less, try using a 40 watt bulb instead.Is it a 50 watt bulb that a child's been scribbling on with a black felt tip pen?It was a sixty watt bulb but after the darkness it made everyone blink.It was as if he'd sat down hard on a thousand watt light bulb.